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Our Tee Ball program is designed to introduce our youngest ball players to the game of baseball/softball, and runs on a shorter schedule than our older divisions. 

Teams are typically formed in April, and parents will be notified of which team their child(ren) are on via email. Practices typically begin in early May, and games from mid-May through the end of June. 

Parents can expect 1 to 2 one-hour games per week, with an additional one-hour practice scheduled by the coach. 

We have many players who participate in other activities as well, including soccer and dance!

For questions about Tee Ball, please reach out to Tera, Vice President of Tee Ball ([email protected])

Tee Ball Rules
- Games have a 1-hour time limit
 - No catchers are used. The coach helping the offensive player at bat is effectively the catcher
 - A half inning consists of each offensive player batting once (one time through the line up)
 - Batting is done exclusively from the tee
 - Runners advance one base from each hit, with the exception of the last batter for each half inning who runs around all the bases (home run) and the players on other bases run to home plate
 - There must be an approved adult volunteer in the dugout with the children at all times
 - Any adult or child wearing a cast, of any type, is not allowed on the playing field at any time

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