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Lightning Policy

When the lightning detector, or Little League approved weather app, detects lightning at the 3-8 mile distance, the BNLL Board of Directors members who are on duty will suspend and stop all play with an announcement over the intercom system.

A.      All players, coaches and umpires will vacate the field and enter their team dugout.  

B.      All spectators will take shelter under the canopy between the bathrooms and the concession stand, the canopy to the west of the concession stand or under the canopy to the south of the Little League Headquarters.

C.      Once play is suspended, a wait period of at least 15 minutes after the last flash of lightning is witnessed, thunder is heard, or the detector indicates lightning in the 3-8 mile range, must apply before resumption of play. The Board of Directors members on duty shall make the determination if another 15 minute wait period should be implemented based on current conditions.

D.     The Board of Directors members on duty will make the final decision pertaining to when play can resume or if field conditions are unsafe to continue play.

E.      The Board of Directors members on duty will announce over the intercom when play can resume.

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