Umpire List

2019 Paid Umpire Call List

* Please note that the fees charged are between the umpire and the parent/coach. The Boone National Little League is not responsible for agreements between these two parties. This list is provided as a service. 24/48 hour advance notification is appreciated or a premium fee may be charged.

Dave Owen Phone: 515-230-2567 Email: [email protected]

Jesse Howard Phone: 515-230-2182 Email: [email protected]

Brandon Rouse Phone: 515-230-7356 Email: [email protected]

Jake Doty Phone: 815-218-8239 Email: [email protected]


Kalista Blankman Phone: 515-230-9428 Email: [email protected]   (Softball Only)


Jim Powell Phone: 515-490-1359 Email: [email protected] (Minor Baseball, T-Shirt Baseball/Softball Only)


Cindi Bushore Phone: 515-230-0090 Email: [email protected] (Softball Only)


Taylan Howard Phone: 515-230-0949 Email: None – PLEASE TEXT REQUEST (Softball Only)


Saydie Howard Phone: 515-230-8257 Email: [email protected] NOT AVAIL UNTIL MAY 15 (Softball Only)

The Boone National Little League Board of Directors would like to thank the coaches, parents and umpires for their commitment to good sportsmanship this year at the ballpark. It is because of your concerted efforts to make a positive change that we are able to bring you this list. We hope that you will continue to make good sportsmanship a priority so that we can continue to grow this list of volunteer and paid umpires in the future.

If you would like to be added or removed from this list please email [email protected]

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